10 ways to use Virtual Classrooms

If you view Virtual Classrooms along a learning spectrum, from short and sharp to deep and involved, from structured and designed to free flowing and organic then there really is a lot they can do!

Here are 10 ideas for how you could use a Virtual Classroom.

  1. Briefings/ Orientations with Q&As
  2. Primer sessions to introduce concepts
  3. In-house knowledge exchanges
  4. Demonstrate and practice with a new system
  5. Deliver skills booster follow-ups
  6. Hands-on practice sessions
  7. As a cross-cultural exchange space
  8. Action learning groups
  9. A collaboration space for anything – with inbuilt videoconferencing
  10. Oh yes… and for delivering a ‘virtual classroom’ too!

If you want to find out more then take a look at how we design virtual classrooms.

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