• Sex! Death! Food! – and Patterns!?

    Now that should have grabbed your attention – well, your brain’s attention anyway! And if you’re unsure why…
    …then don’t miss out on a great podcast interview by Ginger Campbell with John Medina.
    Brain Rules with Dr. John Medina
    We could paraphrase things here – but our advice is simply listen and enjoy for yourself.
    John’s book (Brain Rules) [...]

  • Podcast #2 – Rapid e-learning 101!

    Rapid e-learning – but ‘rapid’ what? Rapid development? Rapid business benefits? Rapid tools? …or simply rapid hype!
    Is it really the next big thing in e-learning?
    No more reading… time to listen. Check out our latest podcast – and find out what we mean by the 3Rs of Rapid E-learning, as well as our top 10 rapid [...]

  • STOP PRESS: e-learning tools!

    It seems to have been a hectic few weeks in the e-learning tools market, not least in ‘rapid’ tools.
    Many of the established names have either been releasing newer versions of their tools, or promising new releases later in the year – as well as a few new entrants to the market, with none other than [...]

  • E-brain training

    Next week on SharpBrains they’ll be publishing a full interview with Martin Buschkühl, one of the researchers who recently published findings on how motivated people engaged in mental exercise had improved problem solving ability in unrelated areas. (See The Telegraph’s article.)
    It has to be said that the findings didn’t come as any real surprise, but [...]

  • Podcast #1 – What is e-learning? – 2 of 2

    Part 2 of our podcast, What is e-learning?

    [Audio clip: view full post to listen]
    Alternatively, right mouse click and select Save Target As… to download What is e-learning? – part 2 of 2. Mac users may need to hold CTRL and click, then select Download Linked File.