• How not to use PowerPoint

    We happened across this hilarious clip while trawling YouTube. It may well be a few years old and have over one million hits altogether – but from what we see out in the real world the lessons are still being learnt.
    Although its focus is PowerPoint, its relevance to e-learning is a no brainer! Enjoy.
    This video [...]

  • Podcast #5 – Back to School with E-learning

    E-learning is a growing industry – both in terms of organisational uptake, and in terms of practitioners. So it’s not surprising that a number of the UK universities now offer Post Graduate Certificates, Diplomas, and Master’s degrees in this area.

    Dr Judith Good, Director of the IDEAs Lab at Sussex University, and Dr Lyn Pemberton, Principal [...]

  • Podcast #4 – How to be an Effective Subject Matter Expert

    What makes an effective Subject Matter Expert?
    The Subject Matter Expert is crucial to getting the content right – but doing the role is not always an easy task. For the SME what should they know, what should they do, and how should they do it?
    Doing E-learning’s latest podcast tries to shed some light.
    How to be [...]