2010: 3 wishes…


As it’s the end of January we thought we’d chip in on what the rest of the year could bring, although rather than predictions we’re adding each of our top 3 wishes – which makes a total of 6!

More of this…

fMRI: the king of man-made technologies for learning
It’s been around for a while, but with it now being applied to see our brain as we learn it’s jaw dropping stuff. At LIMBIC we love the brain. This should and will give us deeper insight into how our brain processes information, and learns – let’s hope we can use these findings as they emerge and package them into some well formulated practical guidelines. Considering we know so much already, and solutions use so little of it… we’re not too optimistic

Neuromarketing meets e-learning
It strikes us that this is a gaping cavern of a missed opportunity – but I’m sure if realised we’ll get a spate of gurus jumping on this next potential bandwagon (don’t you just love ‘em!). Not sure of its potential? Then just do a little bit of research…

Independent expertise
Organisations bringing in someone who is channel neutral, technically savvy, and pedagogically aware. This will add immense value to learning strategy

Less of this…

Learning technologies
This term is so bad. Let’s have a reality check: technology is created by highly capable people with learning having a small impact. When there’s technology we simply need to ask: “can and how does this technology help with learning?”

This is sure to cause a bit of contention, but we don’t see it as a specific branch of technology, I wish we’d get away from that – it’s simply more channels to use. So many times this expression has skewed thinking with people we meet that we avoid it at all costs

Organisational control of learning
This is tricky. It depends on your culture, on your people. Not every organisation has every individual bursting with ambition – another reality check. The so called learning organisation will be driven by the culture the employees create. But to embrace the benefits of collaborative technologies and employee generated content, some seismic shifts need to happen

More unbranding! Remove the ideas of training, and even learning. LMSs, learning portals, academies, universities, the list goes on. Google, Wikipedia, YouTube – I don’t see the langauge of learning or training here, so let’s learn from this…

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