• 8 common mistakes to avoid in implementing a virtual classroom

    Here’s a top 8 list of common mistakes many make in implementing a virtual classroom.

    Not introducing participants to each other at the start
    Failing to provide virtual ground rules
    Not defining participants’ roles and responsibilities
    Forgetting to provide technical support details up-front
    Failing to prepare participants for the environment
    Having the facilitator go it alone
    No technical ‘Plan B’
    Thinking we’re all [...]

  • Question Marks

    I came across an interesting research paper from the Journal of Educational Technology & Society on the subject of online assessment last week. This is a key topic in e-learning as along with courseware it’s the most widespread formal use of e-learning in organisations.
    Marking Strategies in Metacognition-Evaluated Computer-Based Testing looks at the effect of marking [...]

  • Content Basics: LIMBIC Learning

    I’ve just been reading an article on rapid e-learning (more of that in my next blog post), but it got my thinking - which is always a good thing.  There are some things I see time and time again in terms of material presented for ‘conversion’ to
    e-learning (well, courseware actually if I’m being specific). A lot of [...]

  • Microsoft + e-learning + free = good news?

    Since the latter half of April, Microsoft’s venture into the e-learning tools market has been upon us.
    Over the past few weeks there’s been the odd post here and there mentioning Microsoft’s recently launched Learning Content Development System (LCDS), but talk about it has only slowly been building momentum.

    Like the ‘rapid e-learning’ tools currently out there [...]