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  • 2010: 3 wishes…

    As it’s the end of January we thought we’d chip in on what the rest of the year could bring, although rather than predictions we’re adding each of our top 3 wishes – which makes a total of 6!
    More of this…
    fMRI: the king of man-made technologies for learning
    It’s been around for a while, but with it now [...]

  • Working memory… less is sometimes more

    How good’s your working memory? Better than a 7 year old chimpanzee called Ayumu?
    We happened across a fascinating CNN article a while ago on research at the Primate Research Institute (Kyoto University), where a number of chimps have been learning linguistic skills.
    The experiment below is on working memory and numerals. Ayumu is shown a series [...]

  • Open Science… let’s properly evaluate

    Here’s an interesting little article on games and learning in schools in the Guardian by Outer Hebridean blogger John Kirriemuir. John writes about teachers blogging “their good and bad experiences”. If this is correct, then if sufficient numbers took to the cause and blogged their results, we’d have sufficient data that backs up the need [...]