• Podcast #6 – Anti-social learning: the legal risks of Web 2.0

    Blogs, wikis, and video sharing sites to name but a few are now common daily haunts for millions of people, so it’s no surprise organisations want to leverage these services for people development. The user generated content and social interactivity that characterises these so called ‘Web 2.0 technologies’ is ideal both for formal and informal [...]

  • Podcast #5 – Back to School with E-learning

    E-learning is a growing industry – both in terms of organisational uptake, and in terms of practitioners. So it’s not surprising that a number of the UK universities now offer Post Graduate Certificates, Diplomas, and Master’s degrees in this area.

    Dr Judith Good, Director of the IDEAs Lab at Sussex University, and Dr Lyn Pemberton, Principal [...]

  • Podcast #4 – How to be an Effective Subject Matter Expert

    What makes an effective Subject Matter Expert?
    The Subject Matter Expert is crucial to getting the content right – but doing the role is not always an easy task. For the SME what should they know, what should they do, and how should they do it?
    Doing E-learning’s latest podcast tries to shed some light.
    How to be [...]

  • Podcast #3 – The E-learning Project: Vendor Management

    An e-learning project’s not as easy as you may think. And if you’re working with a vendor, you need to know what to ask to keep a tight rein on things.
    Find out what these are by listening to Doing E-learning’s latest podcast, The E-learning Project: Vendor Management:

    [Audio clip: view full post to listen]
    Alternatively, right mouse [...]

  • Sex! Death! Food! – and Patterns!?

    Now that should have grabbed your attention – well, your brain’s attention anyway! And if you’re unsure why…
    …then don’t miss out on a great podcast interview by Ginger Campbell with John Medina.
    Brain Rules with Dr. John Medina
    We could paraphrase things here – but our advice is simply listen and enjoy for yourself.
    John’s book (Brain Rules) [...]