• Podcast #2 – Rapid e-learning 101!

    Rapid e-learning – but ‘rapid’ what? Rapid development? Rapid business benefits? Rapid tools? …or simply rapid hype!
    Is it really the next big thing in e-learning?
    No more reading… time to listen. Check out our latest podcast – and find out what we mean by the 3Rs of Rapid E-learning, as well as our top 10 rapid [...]

  • Podcast #1 – What is e-learning? – 2 of 2

    Part 2 of our podcast, What is e-learning?

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  • Podcast #1 – What is e-learning? – 1 of 2

    There are as many definitions of e-learning as there are e-learners! On the face of it it’s simple: we’ve got the ‘e’ part for electronic, and that’s the bit that supports the learning. But just because you’ve got technology doesn’t mean you’ve got learning. It takes a little bit more than that.
    We all know that [...]