E-learning – for all?

Just a week or so on from the CIPD’s annual survey stating that 39% of the UK’s small businesses wanted to ‘do e-learning’ (at least for those linked to the CIPD), a study from Germany states 1 in 2 small businesses “wants to invest in e-learning in future”.

All indications point to a shift towards e-learning, but this venture for small businesses has to be cost efficient. It’ll be interesting to see which route(s) they go down – if they want true effectiveness then surely not just off the shelf courses. Formal DIY courseware, and informal web 2.0 content seem the most likely alternatives. But which will come out on top? Will the great revolution in ‘learning 2.0′ be driven by ‘the little guys’?

In the States wikis do appear to be flavour of the moment for sales training, with one success story even making it into The Wall Street Journal last month.

But will this approach be limited to organisations who have highly motivated individuals?

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