Maximize training results by prioritising content

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People’s time is valuable – ensure that any training is designed to improve results by focusing in on the things that truly matter.

1. Focus on the most important areas

  • Identify areas of application: participants learning should be based on activities they do, and problems they must solve
  • Identify areas of necessary high proficiency
  • Create learning activities in your training solutions that focus on where these intersect
2. Focus on those areas that generate the most mistakes

  • Create a bank of questions that focus on misconceptions that people tend to have/ errors they tend to make
  • Map the kinds of responses that participants might make
  • Map the kinds of responses you might make to those responses
  • Turn this into core learning materials… and blend it!

Make available an easily updated reference that captures the common mistakes people make. Have everyone review it regularly rather than experiencing the costly option of letting people learn from their mistakes.

3. The International Center for Leadership in Education based in the US has come up with a good way of looking at proficiency levels needed and the application required with their Rigor/ Relevance Framework™. Use the framework to:

  • Develop the type of activities based on where they’re applied
  • Develop the type of activities based on the level of knowledge

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