Sex! Death! Food! – and Patterns!?

Now that should have grabbed your attention – well, your brain’s attention anyway! And if you’re unsure why…

…then don’t miss out on a great podcast interview by Ginger Campbell with John Medina.

Brain Rules with Dr. John Medina

We could paraphrase things here – but our advice is simply listen and enjoy for yourself.

John’s book (Brain Rules) is a must read, and certainly one of our current favourite ‘brain’ books at present. And the website for the book is certainly worth enjoying too. There are a number of things we could take on board from these points – and even the Doing E-learning podcasts will try to take account of the principles.

Brain Signage

By the way, if having listened to the cast you want to see how your brain copes counting basketball catches then check it out at Illinois Unversity’s Visual Cognition Lab, where you can also find other experiments.

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