STOP PRESS: e-learning tools!


It seems to have been a hectic few weeks in the e-learning tools market, not least in ‘rapid’ tools.

Many of the established names have either been releasing newer versions of their tools, or promising new releases later in the year – as well as a few new entrants to the market, with none other than Microsoft making a sneaky appearance!

Raptivity 5.0 has been talking up its ‘rich text formatting options’. Authoring tool company Atlantic Link released news on how courses can now be developed directly to the native screen sizes for the Sony PSP Slim & Lite. RapideL-i announced a ‘host of new features’ and a total of 100 templates!

And Adobe continues to grow its e-learning offering with its updated Acrobat Connect Pro 7 – due at the end of this month – which will be pushed as a ‘large-scale web conferencing tool’.

All of the above without mentioning Microsoft’s truly ’soft’ launch of its *FREE* Learning Content Development System (LCDS), which appeared at the back-end of April.

As part of a recent project, one of us here at LIMBIC had to trial a vast number of the ‘rapid tools’. The market is a huge battleground at the moment, with a vast number of them out there adding and improving what’s on offer in a series of head to heads – and that can only be good.

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