• Content Basics: LIMBIC Learning

    I’ve just been reading an article on rapid e-learning (more of that in my next blog post), but it got my thinking - which is always a good thing.  There are some things I see time and time again in terms of material presented for ‘conversion’ to
    e-learning (well, courseware actually if I’m being specific). A lot of [...]

  • Podcast #2 – Rapid e-learning 101!

    Rapid e-learning – but ‘rapid’ what? Rapid development? Rapid business benefits? Rapid tools? …or simply rapid hype!
    Is it really the next big thing in e-learning?
    No more reading… time to listen. Check out our latest podcast – and find out what we mean by the 3Rs of Rapid E-learning, as well as our top 10 rapid [...]

  • STOP PRESS: e-learning tools!

    It seems to have been a hectic few weeks in the e-learning tools market, not least in ‘rapid’ tools.
    Many of the established names have either been releasing newer versions of their tools, or promising new releases later in the year – as well as a few new entrants to the market, with none other than [...]

  • Microsoft + e-learning + free = good news?

    Since the latter half of April, Microsoft’s venture into the e-learning tools market has been upon us.
    Over the past few weeks there’s been the odd post here and there mentioning Microsoft’s recently launched Learning Content Development System (LCDS), but talk about it has only slowly been building momentum.

    Like the ‘rapid e-learning’ tools currently out there [...]