• Skillsoft set to be bought

    Skillsoft, the giant e-learning courses and services business, looks set to be bought. The company, with a turnover c£200 million, is currently courting a $1.1 billion offer.
    Clearly the prospective buyer, a new company formed from a group of three private equity firms who are raising over half the cost from the banks, clearly see the [...]

  • Podcast #4 – How to be an Effective Subject Matter Expert

    What makes an effective Subject Matter Expert?
    The Subject Matter Expert is crucial to getting the content right – but doing the role is not always an easy task. For the SME what should they know, what should they do, and how should they do it?
    Doing E-learning’s latest podcast tries to shed some light.
    How to be [...]

  • Podcast #3 – The E-learning Project: Vendor Management

    An e-learning project’s not as easy as you may think. And if you’re working with a vendor, you need to know what to ask to keep a tight rein on things.
    Find out what these are by listening to Doing E-learning’s latest podcast, The E-learning Project: Vendor Management:

    [Audio clip: view full post to listen]
    Alternatively, right mouse [...]