• Social Media Revolution

    Nice YouTube video that’ll open your eyes to current technology trends and how the whole Web 2.0/ social media world is moving things along… at pace!
    It’s also a great viral for promoting the book that the stats are from!

  • Podcast #6 – Anti-social learning: the legal risks of Web 2.0

    Blogs, wikis, and video sharing sites to name but a few are now common daily haunts for millions of people, so it’s no surprise organisations want to leverage these services for people development. The user generated content and social interactivity that characterises these so called ‘Web 2.0 technologies’ is ideal both for formal and informal [...]

  • E-learning – for all?

    Just a week or so on from the CIPD’s annual survey stating that 39% of the UK’s small businesses wanted to ‘do e-learning’ (at least for those linked to the CIPD), a study from Germany states 1 in 2 small businesses “wants to invest in e-learning in future”.
    All indications point to a shift towards e-learning, [...]

  • Open Science… let’s properly evaluate

    Here’s an interesting little article on games and learning in schools in the Guardian by Outer Hebridean blogger John Kirriemuir. John writes about teachers blogging “their good and bad experiences”. If this is correct, then if sufficient numbers took to the cause and blogged their results, we’d have sufficient data that backs up the need [...]